How to Prepare for the New Revolution of School District Communications Department

July 3, 2017

Is your school district adapting to the changing world of school communications? Does you department need to restructure to deal with this new revolution?

As school district communications changes to a more marketing and content delivery role... is it too far out of left field to say a school district will buy a local newspaper in the next 20 years? 

Over the past three years there has been a resurgence of the journalism occupation. Not necessarily in the form of a traditional newspaper, but the need for people who can tell your story has become very important. With the increasing popularity of blogs and content marketing, we will need these storytellers more than ever. And we need someone who can do it at the local level. 

Things will change. We will adapt. And in 20 years there will be a school district that purchases a local newspaper.

  • Why We Need to Change [0:40]
  • Examples of Companies Doing This [1:35]
  • Roles of Newspaper Staff [2:20]
  • Engagement Trumps All [4:05]
  • Translations to School PR [4:25]

Content is going to be king in the future if it is not already. Your district needs to be prepared for the revolution. You will need talented content creators who know your local audience. What better way to fill the jobs above by tapping into the experts who are trained in storytelling and know your local audience?

Who will be the first school district to buy a local newspaper? Will it be you?


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