5 Critical Elements of a Blog Post for Content Marketing Success

July 10, 2017

Has your district ever considered content marketing?

Wondering how content marketing might fit into your overall marketing strategy?

Many school districts have never considered content marketing as a valuable communications strategy, and many one-person departments feel they don’t have the time to start something so complicated. But what if I told you starting is as simple as creating a blog?

In this podcast, you’ll discover why content marketing is so useful, why a blog is the most important element to start your strategy, and the five most important things to do to build an epic blog post.

  • Why Content Marketing - 1:13
  • The Headline - 2:50
  • Strong Visuals - 3:22
  • The Opening Paragraph - 4:08
  • Top Keywords - 4:50
  • Call to Action - 5:54

The insights in the podcast are a great place to start in creating your content marketing strategy. Having a blog is a powerful tool to help brand your district as the “Education Experts”, which will gain the trust of parents. And trust will go a long way in persuading a parent to enroll their child in your district.


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