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Valuable School Marketing Lessons from HBO’s “The Wire”

July 23, 2017

The Wire, which aired on HBO, is hands down my favorite television show of all time. The gritty drama that told the story of the streets of Baltimore felt so real. A textured portrait of an American city in decline, told many stories, and taught us many lessons. 

Reexamining the show many years later, I realized it not only taught us lessons on life, but it also taught lessons we can use in School Public Relations and School Marketing.

In this podcast, I will examine SCHOOL MARKETING and SCHOOL COMMUNICATIONS by using quotes from the shows most interesting characters:

  • Marketing in an Investment - 1:20
  • Expand Your Comfort Zone - 2:01
  • Learn More... Achieve More - 2:48
  • Influencer Marketing - 3:02
  • Boots on the Ground - 4:37
  • Be the Expert - 5:27
  • Know the Trends - 6:16

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