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3 Marketing Lessons for School PR from Jurassic Park & Jurassic World

July 31, 2017

Is your district stuck in the past? Are you concerned about increasing competition in your school district? Does your marketing feel like an old dinosaur?

Is it time you start reevaluating your school district's marketing strategy?

In today's podcast, I will give you three school marketing tips I learned while watching Jurassic World with my son this weekend.

Jurassic World opened in the summer of 2015 and became the second biggest film opening of all time, banking over $204 million in just three days. It’s entertaining, but also has lessons that a school district can use when planning a new marketing campaign.

  • Stop to Think If You Should - 1:44
  • Don't Take the Small Dinosaur for Granted - 3:04
  • Evolve Your School Marketing to Soar - 4:10

Remember, with any big project, always ask yourself a simple question…  

Will this bring us a return on our investment? ROI.

It’s not about being cool, it’s about getting results.

“Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.” - Dr. Ian Malcolm

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